The Lotus, Winds, and Shimmers

A Solo Exhibition For: Museo De Arte Contemporaneo Ateneo De Yucatan (MACAY), Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
The Temple #1
The Temple #1
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Artist Statement

On September 25, 2011 I had emergency surgery and experienced a near death episode. It was important for me to paint images connected to that near death experience for this exhibition. During that time my spirit traveled to a place where the Thousand Petaled Lotus resides. A place I believe to be immediately before the tunnel of light. I have frequently heard that the tunnel of light is where most people travel when having a similar episode. Although my journey was different, it was very significant to me.

The Thousand Petaled Lotus I saw was magnificent, and as large as a cloud. It had long light pink, crimson and white petals. As I lay under the lotus it’s petals would unfolded and curl down around my body and then curl up again. Sometimes I would find myself inside the flower. The sky was an indescribable brilliant orange, almost luminescent. Never the less I wanted to paint the orange with a little more pink.

What fascinated me the most was the strong winds that blew in the area. It was extremely active. And yet the wind felt like a gentle breeze on my skin, and the petals of the lotus moved gracefully in spite of the turbulence.

There were tiny bubbles of light in a variety of colors that would come out of nowhere and hover in clusters over my body. They would almost hug me, shimmer and then float away.

These paintings are “inspired” by my journey to the Thousand Petaled Lotus; the winds in the area, the shimmers from the light bubbles and the incredible love I felt when I reached the Lotus. There is no way I could have painted the Lotus exactly as I saw it.

The influence of Joan Mitchell, Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella, William de Kooning, Terrence LaNoue, Nick Cave, and Elizabeth Murray, just to name a few, give me the inspiration to work in the style that personally suits me. To render or illustrate would not permit the inclusion of feelings for me. Abstraction gives the audience permission to view art on conscious levels that may not be literally identifiable. It is my hope that my art can be an inspiration for others.

A Lifetime of Friends: A Painting Collaboration For Healing, A Fundraiser Project