Hiking Series

Inspirational Hikes With My Airedale Companions
One of my passions is hiking on the Southern Kettle Moraine trails. For many years I hiked with my first Airedale Alice who has passed. Luckily I was fortunate enough to find another beloved friend who also shares my passion for hiking, Mattie Mae. Both dogs tried to be as obedient as they could, but there was an spark inside them that could not be contained; the energy of pure joy exploded when we were on the trails together. As I watched the dogs run and at the same time observed the tree lined trails I was given inspiration for these few paintings.

Later these paintings became an inspiration for a children's book. Isn't it amazing how we can gain inspiration from our daily activities and then have those very creations give inspiration for another creative endeavor.
Hike Series 1
Hike Series 1
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